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"Hipster Water Sayings"

on a red sheet of paper, is a sketch of a light bulb with a heart drawn in the middle of the glass bulb, that appears to be lit brightly, judging by the white rays of light emanate from the bulb.

Weird ideas can surface from anywhere. I do believe that my spouse has great ideas.

However, I'm entitled to discuss said, "great idea" with spouse to improve upon it's brilliance and then implement the idea, should the appropriate opportunity present itself. Placing great emphasis on the word, "appropriate."

With that said, I'm about to share the significance of this topic's title, "Hipster Water Sayings."

An image of a scene with a tea set, on top of a wooden table, with a silver pot appearing to pour hot water into a tea cup filled with dried tea.

Really quick. I love tea.

Mostly non-caffeinated. Those who have known me both personally and professionally have a unique understanding of my chatty nature.

With caffeine, it's really obvious that I have been sipping on a caffeinated cup. Chats become rapid fire accounts of the day, while powering through the year, and then light speed acrossed the past couple of years, within 15-minutes.

Therefore, non-caffeinated is key with me.

Friends have made fun of my sensitivities. It didn't take long before they got wise and now offer only decaffeinated beverages to me.

A bright red, old fashioned, tea or coffee pot.

Meanwhile at home, I brew my own tea.

I sometimes make a full pitcher of tea and leave it to chill in the refrigerator.

While rummaging through the refrigerator, my spouse once said, "You've made your hipster water!"

Obviously, my friends are not the only ones who poke fun.

Whether it's loose leaf tea or tea bags, as long as it's decaf, I'll drink it!

My experience of teas range from English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Spiced, Green, Chai, Fruit, Licorice, Chamomile, Armenian Rose Petal and Herbs, Chinese White, Thai, etc.

Some tea in this short list, are really, really caffeinated. This can mean running a few casual laps around the neighborhood to work off that extra energy.

Friendly folks from Europe make fun, sighting, "Fruit, is not a tea!" or "Why bags, when you can just place the proper amount of tea in boiling water?"

I tell them, "I do, because I can."

Moving right along from the "hipster water" part...

There is a particular bagged tea company who prints quotes (that different people have said), on these teeny, tiny, little tags that are attached to the bags by a string. Being careful to wrap the tag and string around the mug's handle, so that the steeping bag can be lassoed securely and then removed neatly afterwards. (Ok, there's a 1 in 3 chance of that neatness part).

Sometimes, a quote will catch my eye that is pithy and memorable. Sometimes not. It's sort of like reading an unfortunate fortune cookie, but without the lottery numbers!

These printed quotes are sayings, ideas to be shared.

The idea of writing stories, is with the intent to share ideas. Good, bad, or indifferent. They are simply just words connected to thoughts.

Thus, this very blog is named for the teas I enjoy drinking, along with the name my spouse gave my beverage of choice, "hipster water" and for those sometimes cleaver sayings (printed really small) on tea bag tags.

You have my gratitude for being here.

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