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"A Heart-Shape On A Cream-Filled Cupcake"

February Celebration (candied hearts on plate)

Sooner than January 1st, stores are already stocked with February items.

Cards, gift bags, stuffed animals, candies, balloons, faux flowers, fresh flowered bouquet arrangements, all bright and multi-colored.

the words "give thanks," decoration consisting of a characterized turkey that holds the word "give" with the letters T-H-A-N-K-S, spelled out on pumpkins, barrels of corn, tomatoes and a bushel of corn.

One to two months prior, two rather substantial holidays were recently celebrated in November and December, not to mention those who have their own personal celebrations for being yet one more year older.

A bright red alarm clock with white alarm bells and large black colored numbers 12 at the top, 3 on the right side, 9 on the left side, and 6 on the bottom.

There are times where all of us are supremely busy. Our time is so regimented and scheduled to the point, where driving to one destination acrossed town is 20-minutes (which is not in the 5 minutes that you actually have to be there).

There is no fault. Just smashed up time in the variety of ways that a much- valued-minute can be ever so fleeting.

multicolored tinsel with a red colored noisemaker

To those who are the absolute fans of these many different celebrations, may your continued brilliance shine on as you plan and prepare for all of these holidays, public or private. You rock! We salute you!

a woman appears contemplative or is sleeping sitting up.

For the rest of us, it's absolutely okay for us to all to let out a collective groan, while we contemplate how we are going to shoe horn anything else into our schedules.

With this said, I'm inviting you to give yourself a congratulatory pat on the back, for having these schedules and all of the timely things that you have to do.

one hot pink heart-shaped candy, on top of light strawberry frosting, on top of an angel food cupcake

From me to you, here's a well meaning heart-shape on a cream-filled cupcake.

This one is all yours. You are welcome to take a moment to enjoy it.

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