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"2112, Kitty and Mike"

Most of my involvement with social media is very little (about 3%) and (the other 97%) as a spectator.

When I'm curious about how a portable steam cleaner for carpets work, I search on it, select a video and then I learn all about what, does what.

Next thing I notice, is that I can actually see a big difference in the color of the loosely-looped carpet that, "It's actually a really warm, light beige and not this dingy aged grey."

Then, with that realization, I think, "Ewe Gross!" and then ponder deep cleaning the carpets more often.

Among other topics to search or be curious about, I sometimes select live music.

Cellphones are now so technologically advanced with image stabilization and the ability to add real-time graphic effects, that people who attend live concerts, almost appear to be expert at video production.

Cell phones capture both the sound and video of the concert or live music, almost as though you are actually attending the concert.

Of course this experience is not as dynamic or immersive as real life participation.

With all of this stated, while I peruse the vast and endless pages of music videos, I happened to stumble upon something not ordinary, but original and unique. Though this may not be the same as a live concert experience, people share their music and their commentary, as well as sing along. Wondering what music taps your foot.

Enjoy your day.

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