December 28, 2019

Just when the recovery from the holidays begins, there's a big push to prepare for yet another celebration. Not like that's necessary bad, but it's something more to prep for.

Most of my involvement with social media is very little (about 3%) and (the other 97%) as a spectator. 

When I'm curious about how a portable steam cleaner for carpets work, I search on it, select a video and then I learn all about what, does what.


Over a wonderful brunch, with a rather kind and gracious friend, we were enjoying our conversation regarding well, basically anything.

Our chat had been full of multiple topics with twists, curves and bends. 

Something professional, something personal was shared equally...

A handful of years back, I was working for this non-profit organization that supported school-based programs both in and around the Greater Los Angeles area.

The story behind the story.

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"A Heart-Shape On A Cream-Filled Cupcake"

December 28, 2019

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